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 George Patton is a Professorial Fellow in Adolescent Health Research at The University of Melbourne. He is also a Senior Principal ..
George may i throw you a volley of questions in case any work for you- i am fascinated by who (linked by mobile connectivity) wants health for all as opposed to who wants to make health insurance and provision as expensive as possible and knowingly or unkowingly skew health tiowards rich and old this detroying youth opportunities and intergenenerational actions needed for sustainability of every community
here's dads 1984 survey (with a little help from mentors like george soros) on tracking whether costs of basic health go down everyeher as we all internet and mobile- clearly if they dont sustainability has zero chance

whats crazy is the world bank is headed by one of the greatest health servants of all time  jim kim - in boston he founded Partners In Health with ;paul farmer for over 20 years- they took boston medical students to haiti, peru and then with soros russia and africa to develop last mile health services 
- but i cant find who in the world bank supports his health models as learning youth need to action- was there any wotld bank coordinatior of the youth summit who cared about health enough to want to continue to linkin youth in health? 
the world bank is an official mooc partner - but can youth learn with jim kim there- no way he seems to be banned from open learning by his own organisation- would world bank mooc partnber you and lancet on adolescent health knowhow distribution - worth asking but i expect the question would go arounbd in endless spirals- or can an on-demand mooc on 17 goals just fill up with youth lked cases as ones that scale are searched out
one more thing on ;pih it still advertsies ghdonline as ist virtual community partrner

Knowledge Center | Partners In Health In Health
GHDonline Discussions. Expert-led communities where health care implementers collaborate to improve the delivery of health care. BCG vaccination increase 
GHD is really messy (youd get 100 mails a day if you subscribed to all its foci) but your students could well afford to be in it viralising good news and 

Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network: YP-CDN are the real deal - they synthesise what they lkearn at ghd and present at un
the name confused me until i realised it is the perfect compliment  in boston to paul farmer who is called Dr ID (Infectious diseases) - whenever paul goes into a
 hospital and orders something "ID says" everyone including adminstrators have to follow infectious diseases advice -cool huh!
then out of baltimore al hathaway is starting a revolution of inviting every expert in dc area to lend their own expertise to regeenrate baltimore too- if we can get the 20 million person conubation of batlimore-dc to share its experts applications- maybe any supercity 20 million person conurbation can
the other great in bottom up health  care is sir fazle abed who more than anyine empowered poorest vilage women to develop bangaldesh - twice over 1.0 pre-digital, 2.1 post digital (since 1996 bangaldesh has been world lab for experients in mobile with th poorest, and bracs partners now tread like a whos who of funders of development and tech)- mostofa has spent 10 years introducing  me to abed family and their bangadesh-origintated mostofa will you urgently find out- who is the overall expert in health at brac (or brac uni)

James P Grant School of Public Health | BRAC University VISION To be the leading global public health institute for the world's critical health challenges affecting disadvantaged communities. MISSION To create ..
  and if they have particular expert on health age 7 to 16 - they must do given their teenage girl clubs- george and the lancets woirk is a total breakthrough in how much peer to peer knowhow young people could be sharing about their own health as well as critical events in growing up which impact health
peer to peer learning models are the number 1 way for youth to create jobs in development and win back invetsment in sustainability youth
-we are due before end of july to brainstorm with all leadership sections of brac on youth in development -= hence urgency on my side; two chinese ladies one of whom amy was at world bank event are leading connections of how can youth in brac and development chnage the world; the other yuxuan graduated from china's top university tsinghua and pretty much knows who support youth in development from china side
george have you ever met keith peters previous head of royal society of medicine in uk ; my dad and he used to ski together; i have a bit lost touch but on the one hand for many yeras sir keith connected teaching hospital at hammersmith while overseeing cambridge university team that got nobel for open mapping the genome- he would be the best person in uk and beyond to ask how do we disseminate newly affordable adolescent health knowhow
i spent 3 days at a windsor castle retreat listening to experts ask how to make un open in distributing health knowhow- this was moderated by denis and gisella and hosted by dianne- hopefully they will read this email and chat eg denis did the un's definitive report on digtal health opportunities- between them huge contacts like the ceo of welcome foundation and a map of pretty much who at un health agencies helps with what
new yorks bottom up un dialogues (un in sustainability or not) are organised in my experience by two people john and dianne - both of whom have been very kind linking amy in to everyone; dianne's main connection in japan - the kusakabe family have poublished a report with 20 different helath service models to choose between
for many years while i was still in london i had huge privileges of knowing paul komesaroff and modjtaba sadria who i believe are both at monash - after 9/11 paul phoned round all nobel peace laureates worked out which had any interest in health and started a global summit called global reconciliation network - this specialsed in 2 things- sharing knowhow of what medical experts and their students could do if they stayed on after disaster relief to the development phase to bring whole popluation together as one - and debating across about 50 cultures why as people we all need the same things at community levels especially health -so that history's wars and boundaries need to be erased if global youth milennials are ever to thrive and achieve sustainability goals all of which will never happen while the level of mistrust from old 20th century quarrels and political/legal structires spirals  -we are still spiralling towards orwell's big brother endgame of himanity - brac's super trick was to make every poorest mother the connector of basic health dialogues in villages eg oral rehydrayion and so build communuty health out of nothing and with partners across cultures
only by befriending brac in my mind will we be in time make the biggest leap forward of youth in development or youth in health now needed for sustainability
best chris washington dc 240 316 8157
all reporting errors mine alone
ps it is trumored that when trump takes over usa and kim ends his 5 year term next sumer he may relocate to help china design sustainability of their health service- whether the rumor is true hige research between world bank and china is focusing on health as we read this

From: George Patton br clear="none"/>To: christopher macrae <> 
Sent: Monday, 4 July 2016, 23:31
Subject: RE: thanks for such wonderful report on adolescent health

Dear Chris,
Thank you so much.
It was great to meet you in Washington DC – for some reason I didn't get your earlier email but good to be in touch now.  And thanks for all of these links below. I will work through them – there is so much in the online space/forums that I feel ignorant about.
Very best hope to stay in touch.
From: christopher macrae [] 
Sent: Tuesday, 5 July 2016 3:30 AM
To: George Patton; Yuxuan Chen; Denis Gilhooly; Gisela Loehlein; Mostofa Zaman; Dr. Shelly Batra; Bhim Gopal; S. Rangarajan; John Kiehl; Chuck Vollmer; Alvin C. Hathaway;; Peter Ryan; Diva Sharma
Cc: Paul Komesaroff; Modjtaba Sadria; Simon Cavelle; Katie Brennan; Rebecca Jurbala; Joey Pierce
Subject: Re: thanks for such wonderful report on adolescent health
 George Patton is a Professorial Fellow in Adolescent Health Research at The University of Melbourne. He is also a Senior Principal ..
I wish to viralise a bit of good news from world banks youth in development - is it ok if i describe your contribution like this
George Patton, Director, Adolescent Health Research, University of Melbourne and Lancet Adolescent Health Commission - the story of how australian medical professionals and the lancet discovered the missing curriculum of adolescent well being - the greatest value health service not yet implemented anywhere in the world- of particular value to girls age 7 to 16 and their educators

Al does great work on youth health in baltimore - you missed his frend and keynote Dr. Leana Wen, Public Health Commissioner, Baltimore City
Yuxuan in china helps spread best news for youth there
Mostofa (Bangladesh)  and Gisela Dubai 
Shelly (video 1 at  Webcast )   and Diva India
Bhim Nepal
Ranga Ethiopia
your dear compatriots paul and modjtaba  (first inspired me 2003) 
question to mostofa- please work out who is overall head of health education at brac - must chat with her or him next time in dhaka
chris macrae bethesda MD 240 316 8157

From: christopher 
Sent: Monday, 13 June 2016, 21:12
Subject: thanks for such wonderful report on adolescent health
Dear George
I loved you report today to the world bank global youth partnership for development on adolescence health
In my view the best discussion space is GHDonline | Global Health Delivery Online: Improving health care de... - its organised out of boston and has a loose association with of paul farmer and previously jim kim
Connecting our members with evidence and expertise. Membership is free and open to the public. Join today
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It has about 12 energetic panel discussions of which the youngest is the young professionals linked to harvard
If this space may be interesting for sharing the lancet report, i could check around some of the key individuals of the community- i think the overall coordinator whom i used to know may have moved on
i work quite closely with a young chinese lady amy who's new york friend dianne convened a 3 day windosr castle dialogue of actioning the main sustainabilioty goal on health; 
i will check she has seen the lancet
amy's global youth teams are due to review most exciting information shared with youth next month -with in my opinion the number 1 youth empowerment network in the world which is also one of the few that has built a health service around preferential option poor and the future of girls in particular

James P Grant School of Public Health | BRAC University

VISION To be the leading global public health institute for the world's critical health challenges affecting disadvantaged communities. MISSION To create ...
we will aim to doublecheck the leadership team at BRAC are aware of your lancet report
sincerely chris macrae
washington dc region 240 316 8157
Africa Update for October 2015 The National Law Review-Oct 1, 2015
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Recommendation: Soros can guide global youth through world’s greatest maths error. Every culture needs to be reached simultaneously before a world of ever higher borders takes over from nature’s and the webs borderless one.


Since 2009 , he has invited youth to co-create an alumni space to rethink economics from the ground up. The mathematical failure to value livelihoods of youth of the net generation stems from societies being blind to the impacts of spending 4000 times more on Learning Communications Technology (2030 versus 1946- moores law doubling LCT spend every 7 years). While some reasons for devaluing youth are peculiar to particular nations, a general explanation is that the economic purpose of LCT needed to be very different to the advertising models that the mass tv age spun. The net generation needed to be connected by the smartest and locally most communally joyful media ever designed not the most dumbing down and psychologically neurotic one


Soros alumni have the ability to bring back to global collaboration The Economist’s 1984 map of net generation 3 billion new jobs-

  • billion renewing planet,
  • \ua
  • billion renewing family and community sustainability,
  • \ua
  • billion linking in net generation to way above zero-sum social world trade – eg leapfrog apps that fill in the missing infrastructures that were so partially distributed in industrial and empire era
  • \ua
\ua \ua \ua/table> \uap>

\uap>Recomendations Learn from Jim KIm


\uap>whaay a social movementy involves-= and why it can be the mopst exciting thing you ecever do

\uap>why tavel abroad can be more imporant than anything you are examined on s undergradaute


\uap>in our era of chnsage why old professions compound great trisk that young professionalsd need to reform


\uap>why the preferential option poor model is moist valuablke for chnaging professdions as well as any golden rule faith

\uap>understad jim kim'sd case:  affordable universal community health workers- and benchmark analagous transfromations by other life critical practice areas

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survey 100 collaboration leaders of 2010s= youth's most productive generation

Connections sir fazle abed family, ying lowrey, Taddy Blecher, Billy, Hiro, Harrison Owen Dr Ranga & Prita (Amma) Jayfus King Rev Al Marinez Lee, Fady, Ian Ryder, John Caswell, Jeff Devlin, Sherry Tross, Camilo, Luis VIguria, gordon dryden. tania zaman

Yuxuan, Emily, Filmographer of Child Arts Olympiads 


new connections

Ed Resor NY worldpossible

Daniel Lu

Dawn Li and her chiense media friend in DC

Cheng Li (c100), brookings biographer of xi jinping

in qatar wise Stavros; in dubai networkers of million dolar teacher prize

Founder of 2000 chapters of students for liberty now headhunted by john mackey of conscious capitalism

monica yunus and co-founder of - new yorks largest community arts program, main chinese spoinsor fosun shanghai

more to come


critical events

jack m trains 1000 american detroit may 2017 ; wise co-creativity

What are the most exciting apps and mobile leapfrog partnerships you have ever seen  rsvp

Bkash built on learning curve of Mpesa last m,ile banking

Give Directly built on millennials local research of which communities already have micfrofranchise solution worthy of conditional cash transfer


 join our co-editors at if you wish to celebrate sustainability goals empowered by youthful community builders

download practice of peace chaps 1,2 by harrison owen found open space 

the greatest millennial exchanges pro-youth future capitals eg NY Beijing can develop win-win social world trades around

the village phone network that started with the learning curve of partners of grameen phone, MIT legatum, telenor, george sorois and women4empoiwerment

ihub African youth's centre of gravity in worldwide hackathon and ushhidi open source coders

partners in health learning exhcnage networks including world class teaching hospitals in haiti and soon rwanda and opening of world bank year 2015-2016 in Peru epicentre of Preferential Option Poor community and Franciscan faith networks

solar a billion a model that links hand in hand with mobile village phone networks for poorest

greatest missed opportunity to date 17 parallel khan academies slowly built on demand by 17 most trusted goals-exponential modeling economists and youth Experiential Learning networks

First 4 doublings of global commns tech age

China Joy

Worldwide Joy



Japan starts up far east rising



S Korea joins in eastern development



ChinaDiaspora:East's Superports -HK, Taiwan, Singapore...



Continental agrarian keynsianism

Diaspora 3rd richest;

Moon landing

intel starts up 68 moores-law doubling of chip capacity every 2 years

Satellite age lifts off

If societies around the globe are spending 4000 times more on global village connections (#2030now versus 1946) then it stands to reason that sustainable millennials will need to demand 10 times more value from community networking and mobile open source services such as health education local value chained markets/banks, energy, safety and peace


AMYgeneratoinS.jpgHack Coursera Sgoal 1  2  3 ..

Hackathons at IHUB

Hack with world bank kim




rsvp if you have good news on a food chain - examples our collaboration entrepreneurs are actively searching include rice, mung beans, coffee, (green) tea, cashews, peas ,,,, aquaponics . 


note 1984 system transformation finding: the most valuable innovations need to transform systems by taking many parties through a common conflict barrier at the same time

join above zero-sum value chain model innovators at

Brits and Eastern Europeans who could save millennials goals

dannyboyle chrispatten butler-sloss marianowak tomhunter georgesoros bernerslee michael palin gorbachev, Lech Walesa

Asians who could : sir fazle abed, jim kiim, jack ma,  W4E, Gandhi family Lucknow

Africans who could: Taddy Blecher, Noel Samara, Mandela Elders

Mid-East who could: Latif, Legatum

from please help in 2 ways -nomination of collaboration 100; testify to world's largest public broadcasters such as BBC that this survey needs their mediation now

Downloads from MIT Innovations journal

Volume 2

Volume 1

downloads library 1: MIT innovations journal special issue youth economics opportunities

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