amy i understand to survive through college and Mao's hunan province etc you became from your teens a great saleswoman

so please correct me if you disagree


good  (hi-trust) sales over time matches what someone most needs with (sustaining) uniquely being able to deliver it

mostofa has been working for 10 years on youth community -ASK FOR HIS PRESENTATION - lets trust that he is trying to deliver what brac most needs (and is inviting you amy and yuxuan over next 7 days to decide how much your next few years you want to partner with him as well as others - eg amy you have some wonderful choices in chuck sam naila manny john harrison jayfus ... because you have worked so hard since first going abroad to creative children olympiads 20 on the mall just like yuxuan first did creative children olympiads 16  ..because as you said yourself in presenting at civil rights colleges:  if your female generation in china is free to open space and solve community crises that is the second biggest cultural revolution in future history and you come from the province that hosted the biggest ...)  , no pressure just why people of any age can trust your joy/soul/spirit/spiral value system

footnote why will under 30s only be sustainable if they are alumni of brac not the un and not harvard business school

PURPOSE OF BRAC -official web   -fan web

you can search it out brac in its 45th year as the ultimate learning and open system organisation is the largest partnership of ngos to end $1.75 dollar per day poverty, it is the largest jobsenomics solutions catalogued for the poorest women (and now their next generation) in the world who until recently had no electricity, no phones, no running water and were beaten up by their husbands as 1970s bangladeshi rural culture made that normal - ask naila if you think i am exaggerating- see if she will let you tour her telecentre staffed by acid victims

 to empower poorest women and families sustainability - therefore brac offers more extreme solutions to action learn relevant to under 30s being sustainable than any one connection any youth making great futures for their community could have


that is a very dangerous thing- even people who think of themselves as from the great or good get jealous, let alone the mafia whop exist as hitman to anyone doing too much good at the expense of someone making lots of money trafficking girls or doing something else disgusting- when i first me muhammad yunus arguably he was whom youth most needed to be MOOC action alumni of to be sustainable - moocyunus - YouTube  

 but he never trusted enough people around him to help understand risks- he didnt understand that the prime minister hasina whose father founded bangladesh didnt want yunus to be more famous in history than her father- and would use politics or hired guns to take his bank away from him- he didnt realise that 10000 subcontractors of usaid earn their living by close sourcing value chain for the poorest knowhow not open sourcing it - you can play an open space game round the luggage at dhaka airport which always takes a hour to arrive- 2 groups yunus-led solutions, non-yunus-led solutions- you will find americans in usaid always in second -he relied on people like the clintons even as wikileaks now show that the us embassy in calcutta was reporting that yunus could be turned into america's stooge (which he certainly isnt and explains why he now gets revenge by greenwashing every american university student body he can charge a million dollars speaking fee at) -he launched his global social business summit first 2 years at volkswagen the greatest cheat green cars will ever see- yunus due dilligence in finding partners is non-existent; sir fazle's has to his 80th year been brilliant but how can his son inherit that skill alas mobilised youth are massivlely searching his back for him 


SO what do the 2 people responsible for BRAC's future need


firstly please note unlike yunus, sir fazle abed hates being only one of 2 people responsible for so much - so 20 years ago he founded a university hoping it would share the responsibility - whether it is yet is one thing to examine and offer to help open space because all pro-youth universities need open space in ways that traditional hierarchy of references in university has no competence at


secondly sir fazle is my maths-guy vote for most skillful organisational designer /systems operator in the world because he likes see through blueprints- he's an engineer and architect by graduation though a chartered acountant by later profession- some people may respect peter drucker as one of the great teachers of unmanagement or small enterprise- when i first contacted him in about 2000 he hadnt even used the worldwide web- nor had abed used a mobiles as late as 2005 but then he and george soros found himself these wizard apps designers in MIT - and so in under 5 years brac has partnered them into being the largest cashless bank in the world Home | bKash - thats how fast cloud, open source and collab mobile apps can leapfrog missing infrastructure of the sort that industrial age empires trapped billions in poverty- thats why sir fazle aned's son and MIT dean needed to be introduvced like yesterday! 


so when i say there are only 2 people -sir fazle and his son - whose reputation  who can sustain brac's future - i mean that as a whole  map of local to global networks of partnering youth in sustainability which is what the open learning economy's first 30000 microfranchsises needed to be mapped around as first mediated by my father in 1972 the same year that sir fazle founded brac- 


the first map mostofa and your YouyhCommunity need is which other practice areas are like the cashless bank where the optimum tech wizards are in effect brac's future as far as that sustainability goal's solutions go; and give the first quarter of 2016 has seen the national annoucement of all brac curricula being put on digital learning bangladesh for access by every school - is that a good or bad thing? depends if newly graduated youth community watch the abeds' backs- dont you -and the UN's special envoy to goal 4 education-2 think!?! educationiseconomy


ideally the abed family would give you amy a desk without portfolio in all of brac and brac u to open space and id where the wizard techs are and are they serviving the most localk professionals living with the poorest- thats what the POP model of jim kim, paul farmer, pope francis and so maurice's youth are pivotal to- whether they are what manny's and al's youth are pivoital to actually depends on al's relationship with kim- or at least that is teh stronmgest piece of advice i give many or anyone interested in supercity baltimore


BACK TO the question : what help does sir fazle son need and if youth communituies are gong to unite the world in what under 30s most want to spend their life doing and especially young fashionable ladies love celebrating (about 80% of the fashion garments market is made in china or bangladesh isnt it ? ) culturally, how do we earn the trust of sir fazle's son to make that match get stronger and stronger even as all the tipping points of losing sustainability crash through all of us over the next 10 years in the way that harrison has mentored you amy on


also just as brac as a key role in all youths future freindships it has a particular role in future trade of bangladesh - to the abed's the most valuable trading relationship they so far have little of is with China! -bangladesh and china are the key connectors of the half of the world that live on the 15 of the planet within 3000 miles of beijing


why dont parents understand what curricula have what purpose before chaining their students in debt? - this question is actually banned from education summits in usa - i trust its not banned in wise qatar and dubai summit, and in Glasgow once GB and i have had a word The PM and Muhammad Yunus - creating a world without poverty


footnote harvard business school is the curriculum designed by big bad banks- check out who has sponsored it from outset- search why even bill gates said poverty was one thing harvard never began to teach him about; check out how many people like harrison owen when they take an innovation like open space to harvard are told you may be right but if so everything we teach and make money from certifying degrees is wrong - so go away- accidentally the one yera japan nominayted my father for a nobel economics prize the winner was an early designer of business school curricula -so sure i have a bia but if it is possible to design a curriculum less exponentially sustainable than that big banking wants to mindset show it me

in other words if a jobenomics tv channel got the best ever jobs solutions news out of 3 countries youth - china bangladesh and usa - that would be a good open space to be working/partnering with if the future of creative children is important to all of us who believe that families are core investment dynamic in generating strong healthy economies not vice versa 

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survey 100 collaboration leaders of 2010s= youth's most productive generation

Connections sir fazle abed family, ying lowrey, Taddy Blecher, Billy, Hiro, Harrison Owen Dr Ranga & Prita (Amma) Jayfus King Rev Al Marinez Lee, Fady, Ian Ryder, John Caswell, Jeff Devlin, Sherry Tross, Camilo, Luis VIguria, gordon dryden. tania zaman

Yuxuan, Emily, Filmographer of Child Arts Olympiads 


new connections

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Dawn Li and her chiense media friend in DC

Cheng Li (c100), brookings biographer of xi jinping

in qatar wise Stavros; in dubai networkers of million dolar teacher prize

Founder of 2000 chapters of students for liberty now headhunted by john mackey of conscious capitalism

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critical events

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Bkash built on learning curve of Mpesa last m,ile banking

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 join our co-editors at if you wish to celebrate sustainability goals empowered by youthful community builders

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the greatest millennial exchanges pro-youth future capitals eg NY Beijing can develop win-win social world trades around

the village phone network that started with the learning curve of partners of grameen phone, MIT legatum, telenor, george sorois and women4empoiwerment

ihub African youth's centre of gravity in worldwide hackathon and ushhidi open source coders

partners in health learning exhcnage networks including world class teaching hospitals in haiti and soon rwanda and opening of world bank year 2015-2016 in Peru epicentre of Preferential Option Poor community and Franciscan faith networks

solar a billion a model that links hand in hand with mobile village phone networks for poorest

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intel starts up 68 moores-law doubling of chip capacity every 2 years

Satellite age lifts off

If societies around the globe are spending 4000 times more on global village connections (#2030now versus 1946) then it stands to reason that sustainable millennials will need to demand 10 times more value from community networking and mobile open source services such as health education local value chained markets/banks, energy, safety and peace


AMYgeneratoinS.jpgHack Coursera Sgoal 1  2  3 ..

Hackathons at IHUB

Hack with world bank kim




rsvp if you have good news on a food chain - examples our collaboration entrepreneurs are actively searching include rice, mung beans, coffee, (green) tea, cashews, peas ,,,, aquaponics . 


note 1984 system transformation finding: the most valuable innovations need to transform systems by taking many parties through a common conflict barrier at the same time

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Africans who could: Taddy Blecher, Noel Samara, Mandela Elders

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