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This checklist from binance would seem important Dear CHRISTOPHER,

We recognize it has been a difficult week for the digital asset ecosystem. As a result of details that have come to light regarding the way in which other exchange platforms have managed customer funds, we want to provide clarity around our operations and assure you that your assets on Binance.US are safe.

Our first priority is, and has always been, our community. We are committed to delivering value to customers in a sustainable way and managing our business appropriately.

Binance.US does not, has never, and will not touch or trade with customer funds
We do not lend customer assets or offer margin
We do not undertake proprietary trading
We do not take on any corporate debt

chris also at www.twitterversal.com www.changeteacher.com 390 at www.ed3dao.com


HG WELLS Civilisation is a race between education and catastrophe...pod tour web3

have a look at www.ed3dao.com www.beingai.com www.sdgmetaverseprize.org if this kind of cooperation is for you and yours please read on; please join our search rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk; we are far behind where edtech could be see this 1984 timelinefor what tech could have helped tecahers and communities, families and kids build

so far post covid awakening makes us hopeful that 5 city regions eg singapore hong kong geneva are on this case and marrying this to UN's urgent calls for uniting communities - is your region a 6th and its looking as if ed3dao could connect many us cities with as many as 6000 educators forming a changeteacher professional club...-huge debriefing nov 11-13 2022...

70 years ago dad met von neumann and was asked to train journalists at The economist  NormanMacrae.net EntrepreneurialRevolution.city to continuously quiz powerful leaders and everyone what good can peoples unite with 100 times more tech per decade;; not everyone would be privileged like silicon valley to pioneer tech's edge- would progress for human lot be open sourced? Neumann did his best with all of his generations inventions but cancer soon ended his life abruptly;  dad had been a teen in world war 2; so he and neumann were uised to  risks of  compounding tech for bad....orwell was already storytelling big brother's end game- could an alternative little sisters (exponential human development and family loving community building rock the world? were humans capable of such worldwide cooperation?)


uniting ed daos and humanising artificial intel matters to us - 40 years ago edtech looked easy by now - see summary from 1984 book at www.teachforun.com - we believed every kid and elder had a right to id with skils dashboard (aka credentials) and personal trainer bot; out of USA we did not expect such massive disinterest by gov that eg one charity khan academy was main resource until covid! we did not expect ad world to be mixed with ed world; what this tels us is we are in last best chance race to celebrate all community daos now - help us spot benchmarks that any community could replicate; also celebrate early year round ops -started in 2022-3 look at www.sdgmetaverseprize.org whilst this is about youth storytelling their most urgent goal - by spring 2023 we will have thousands of teams per goal and the opportunity to design ed daos by eg 3 health 6 water and sanitation 2 food nutrition agriculture; we need to massively distribute funds and community building locally - local up is the onlky way there will ever be a sustainbility generation; what we have seen with every connectivity advance is big and sometimes bad find each other first; this time can we the families of this world design web3? chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

join worldclassdaos at whatspp; help 2025 report 'womenspace.docx  complete 40th and last year of future of webs .celebrate 60 th year of asian 2/3 of being rising beyond colonial age and 70th + year of The Economist joining in Von Neumann survey - what goods to interact with 100 times more tech per decade?

celebrate hong kong leading premier league of web3 livemattercities; cast your alumnisat vote chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk - celebrate first student-teacher year of streaming 17 stories ever shared; sdgmetaverseprize.org - join leaders of Uniting Nations in asking which govs want to digitally cooperate in world class civic service-

celebrate most exciting web3 summit yet nov withteam vriti ed3dao & k20ed

constructs - smart contracts

Cool onboards: https://newsletter.thedefiant.io/?utm_source=homepage-reader-onboar...

can you help us curate the world's best (for human generation) DAOs? -chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

Have you come across whatsapp club club dao hk circles- recommended by an extraordinary mentor (also microsoft womens affairs) https://chat.whatsapp.com/CQMVdBEEYS2GO1pGa2yzj8

Digital Cooperation: If you could add 1 2 jigsaw piece to Humanity's UN2.whatt would it be?. I'd love to see them celebrate colebrate cooperation Daos- huge celebrations of UN2 and Asia included last month Mongolia appointed as host of ; next 12 months UN envoy ;ed by Indian Amandeep aims to be everywhere communities loved by Indonesia and India G20

WCD1 Dream Dao https://www.dreamdao.xyz/   (click pic to get linked ppt version)wcd1ed390.pptx

for progression sustainability of communities everywjhere - in defenrence to our hero fazle abed - we are particul;ar;ly interested in daos pof education and last mile livelihoods of 1 food, 2 health, 3 women-led meta-vilages (communities of 100000 people who trust and love each other and make the community as resilient as possible to nature or any global crisis)



UN Tech envoy

best network cooperation tech  student year 22-23 SDGmetaverseprize.org

also see globaldigital2022- amazing stories of egov or gov2.0 who love serving their peopelsd productivity and community sysustaimabilit

which nations are netrepreneurially leaping up egov - whats fantastic in cooperation terms is every place needs to mobilse the same changes from paper bureaucracies often taking dau=uys of citizne time to complete and queue up for to digital which if human idsd ahve been designed with the optimal balance of opennesds and sdecurity can make hundersd of permits one minute clicks to obtain - arguably singapore is best at this among advanced spece 5g+ while ed estonica and entrepreneurial neignors have led the way out of paper baesed communits and democartic govs to esmart onbes by and for al the peoples

I was introduced to DAOs by the humanoid sophia and her curator jeanne lim now at hongkong and berkeley's beingai.com - their womens zbee kindness dao could be your best ever cooperation opportunity to mint ...


met sopihia and the person who became responsible for all un digital cooperation un2.0 tech envoy amandeep gill (its a long story how first half of susdtainability gials period survived such conflicts as trump dismatling every climate and other sdg promise and how the eu stayed blind to puitn's goals but what that means is thoise who want youth to be the sustainability generation must redouble efoorts every kearning year - sdgmetaverseprize is a good example- first yera roiund prize- a track for whichever goal you are most passioanet about hoseted by Un's most excpereienmced tech eople and those now in their 20th edition of xprize with lostangelelesd schholing of teens the mera cooperation hub for all teens to linkin expeoential desitny - 9 transformation skills merging un envoy office in geneva in 2018 and 2019

I hadnt been to un egeneval before but in 2016 attending first yera review at Un of goal 4 education - 30 national leaders stated its all grewash unless we chnage - most went off to do more funding - but world bank's jim im led technologusdt who were already introducing ai in world bank to connect with 3 groups in geneva- all the un technologis at the ITU; all the win-win world trade mappers unctad then led by a kenya; all the UN heakth networks who as well as global red cross 1 minutes walk from un campius in geneva

today all the cooperation conetctors of UN tech envoy are asdian - led by amandeep who I met in 2008 - what jim kim and friends had started becaoem digotal cooperator reporting and now 9 interlocking piecesd of un2 roadmapping with digiral cooperation the main ipen education lkever ai for good the future of tech match =ig von neumanns scoop; global connectivity being the culture sinve 1965 when swiss formed the workds first coop0eration associa on of tele industries intially around telegraphs but sinecce then with public goods across borders of airwaves of almost any industry beging with telele or rad

Family freineds and  have been oublishing how media people should avoid greenwashing since 1988when dad left 40 years of sub-editing end pover6ty at tyhe economist- this was also the 5th year of debates around our millennials purposes fieldbook 2025report and when we founded worlldclassbrands - a poublishing genere for medi people who wanted to multiply good- good has an expoenetial meanding to my family since dad met von neulann 1951 and was given jouranlsims most valuable question - what goods will people do with 100 times more tech every decades (and what bads must we prevent as population quadruples from juts over 2 billion 1945 to over 8 billion by 2030)

In 1988 macrae family started a club world class brands for epxreimced people who wanted to do good with media. From 1951 coined the genre of future history and sub-edited The Economist applying leadeship's most valuabe question recommended by john von neumann - what goods will peoples do with 100 times more tech every decade (dad Norman Macrae met neumann princeton 1951 while on one year's secondment from London's Economist magazine and became his bioorgaprehr)

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Hong Kong : There's something metaversal in the air

The Zbee kindness NFT & Dao is coming - see www.beingai.com - Jeanne's story im mediating tech practices firv25 years in Asia Pacific and psychology out of Berkeley and UN application of humanoid Sophia is breathtaking, We cant wait until thosuands are actioning/practicing Zbee kindness all over the metaverse - eg see some of jeanne's events as one of world leaders in media for good

latest event singapore Oct 12-13 https://www.cloudexpoasia.com/conference-programme/conference-progr...  

x much more at Jeanne's web BeingAi.comand our diary at worldrecordjobs.com

IN my view the most massive sdg cooperations on the metaverse need to be daos - for example I cant wait for Jack sim in singapore with goal 6 ack's www.worldtoilet.org is arguably the most massive practice network on goal 6 sanitation and he also runs singapore hub bottom of pyramid https://www.bophub.org/  whats unclear is does his team have to be expert in dao or will some dao education network for sustainability generation help digital cooperation of each best by goal practice every community needs to be free to access

as the massive cooperation of action masses need to take on sanitation jack alumni have long learning curve- met him in 2009 at the inaugural muhammad yunus global social business partrners event - its fascinating to ask since 2009 -who actionably impacted more co-workers for sustainability - jack sim or dr  yunus? - personally my own premier league of youth connectors only has one entrant fazle abed- see www.abedmooc.com but next cooperation league  needs an overall alumni solutions connector by goal as well as such platform spaces as guterres has been transforming UN around since starting his 10 year term 2017

I also sere the future of place brands families want their kids linked into needing place brand daos - singapore dao, hongkongdao (in content they probably exist alredy - the only question with the metaverse is when to make sure your knowhow for good is virally ready whicjh brings us back to undesratdning momentum released by sdgmetaverseprize.org across younger half of world

from Daoheroes youtube

famous but 00:55 Jane picks some DAOs 01:30 Friends with benefits 04:05 Bankless DAO 05:32 Big Green DAO 06:29 Vita DAO 07:26 RaidGuild DAO 09:04 Lex DAO 10:23 Apecoin


00:00 Intro 03:06 The DAO 06:09 Manatee Meta 08:20 W3B Lab 09:19 Optimiz3 11:11 The Life Hacking Club 13:04 Metatierra 14:46 ClimaJo 16:10 Mayam 18:13 Tenamint 19:56 Hypernest

some metaverse platforms  Decentraland - https://decentraland.org/ The Sandbox - https://www.sandbox.game/en/ Meta - https://about.facebook.com/ Horizon Worlds - https://www.oculus.com/horizon-worlds/ Reality Labs - https://tech.fb.com/ar-vr/ Minecraft - https://www.minecraft.net/ Activision Blizzard - https://www.activisionblizzard.com/ NVIDIA - https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/ Epic Games - https://store.epicgames.com/ Fortnite - https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en...

reports from barcelona- whilst editing emotional intel on EU knowledgeboard.com at start of 2000s I was privileged to visit barcelona then knowl3edge city of the year - friends there have been constant inspiration since no surprise that iit is becoming one of the great community building dao labs - some typical reports


1 https://blog.toucan.earth/building-regenerative-carbon-markets-with...

Web3 is unlocking innovation in financial and carbon markets, creating opportunities for regenerative approaches to tackle the climate crisis.

Our Founder James Farrell recently explored this exciting intersection at ETH Barcelona, introducing key features of the emerging regenerative finance movement, voluntary carbon markets and how they can come together to drive innovation.

Here we dive into:

  1. What is regenerative finance (ReFi)? 
  2. Issues with the voluntary carbon market (VCM) 
  3. Web3 for regenerative carbon markets 
  4. Toucan's vision 


1. What is ReFi? 

Climate change is recognised as the most pressing global challenge of our time. The emergence of this crisis cannot be attributed to any one group or individual, arising instead from multiple systemic failures over time.

A key failure is the operation of our financial system.

This system currently works by seeking to drive everlasting economic growth, while contributing little value to the environmental and social resources needed to maintain the system. This results in a host of negative externalities, as these resources are freely exploited to drive economic growth. This includes the release of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, destruction of habitats and displacement of local economies.

Conversely, ReFi systems seek to redirect some of the financial value generated back into maintaining and regenerating the environmental and social resources upon which the system relies. This transforms the financial system from solely extracting economic value to being in service to growing, protecting and regenerating the value of a system.

“Regenerative finance refers to business practices that restore and build rather than exploit and destroy” - John Fullerton

Crypto, Culture, & Society 


We’re a learning DAO exploring the impact of crypto on culture and society. Our mission is to build liberal arts education for crypto. We're a group of technologists, creators, community builders, educators, and lifelong learners.

 **Learn more about our mission**

 Read our UnSemester Announcement

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  How we started




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 ****The Society Journal

A publication hosted on Mirror to share the key takeaways from CCS workshops, key announcements and other writing.

Translations: Workshop Takeaways

 Public Goods Starter Pack

A curated starter pack for those new to the concept of public goods and want to learn about public goods definition, history, opportunities, and more.

Web3 Starter Pack

A curated guide for those who are new to crypto. Learn the basics of web3 and the parts that make it up like DAOs, NFTs, and DeFi.

The Essential Guide to Discord

A comprehensive guide on how to use Discord more effectively and help you be more productive, focused, and connected with your communities.

 The Lexicon

*Launching Soon*

A curation project to raise the standard of effective curation by leveraging experts in instructional design and knowledge mapping.

*Launching Soon*

A curation project to raise the standard of effective curation by leveraging experts in instructional design and knowledge mapping.

Join our odyssey to onboard 1 million to web3

Below is the 12-day course outline.

  1. What is Web 3?

  2. What is Blockchain?

  3. What is Bitcoin?

  4. What is Ethereum?

  5. What are Cryptocurrencies?

  6. How do I Set Up a Crypto Wallet? 

  7. Best Practices and How to Avoid Scams

  8. DeFi primer

  9. NFT primer

  10. DAO primer

  11. How does web3 help creators?

  12. How do I explore more?


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How to provide liquidity?

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Project will distribute $50,000 to charity BOSTON, November 16, 2022 – Fidelity Charitable, an independent public charity and the nation’s largest grantmaker, today announced “Art of Generosity,” an original non-fungible token (NFT) project designed to celebrate generosity in motion. This philanthropic collection is the latest example of Fidelity Charitable’s continued commitment to innovation in giving. The project highlights the power of generosity through the lens of art produced by 12 diverse photographers, illustrators, muralists, digital artists, and more. To encourage individual acts of generosity, 50 participants in the mint will receive a “golden ticket” NFT, which will entitle holders to recommend $1,000 in donations via a Fidelity Charitable Giving Account to eligible nonprofits of their choosing. In total, the project will result in $50,000 of support to charities by Fidelity Charitable to community-selected charities, and the minting will be completely free. NFTs are cryptographic holdings, such as artwork, on a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other. Participants will be able to mint two artworks, encouraging people to keep one for their own collections and share one with a friend. Art will be revealed and golden ticket winners announced on Tuesday, November 29. This date marks this year’s Giving Tuesday, a global generosity movement and day dedicated to giving back. “For its entire history, Fidelity Charitable has been an innovator to grow giving, from pioneering the use of donor-advised funds, to eliminating the minimum to set up a Giving Account—all to democratize access to giving. We see the Web3 space as a new frontier to speak to a new audience to encourage and enable generosity, as we continue our work on Fidelity Charitable’s mission—to grow the American tradition of philanthropy,” said Jacob Pruitt, president of Fidelity Charitable. The Fidelity Center for Applied Technology (FCAT)—a group within Fidelity Investments focused on technology research and development—consulted on the project. "Fidelity Charitable has been a leader and innovator in connecting blockchain to philanthropy,” said Adam Schouela, head of emerging technology at FCAT. “The Art of Generosity NFT project continues that exploration of new opportunities.” Twelve impact-minded artists, including Dalek, Nick Davis, Saphera Peters, Ishita Banerjee, Richard Zheng, Rachel Winter, and Nyla Hayes, have joined the project to showcase custom works of art. Within each work, the artist interprets what generosity means to them personally, resulting in a multifaceted collection that displays how giving can shape our lives and communities for the better. “We hope participants will be inspired to reflect on the role of generosity in their own lives and take action as individuals to help create a more generous world—whether that is through the sharing of art, the sharing of kindness, or the sharing of resources with nonprofits in need of support,” said Amy Pirozzolo, head of donor engagement for Fidelity Charitable. Participants can pre-register before November 22 to receive a free airdrop or participate in the free public mint starting November 22 at noon ET. The public mint will be open for one week, culminating with the art and golden ticket reveal on Tuesday, November 29. To learn more, visit the project website: generositynft.com.* *By clicking this link, you are leaving fidelitycharitable.org and entering a third-party site.


for hong kong picks consider following edith yeung

Edith Yeung
Edith Yeung• Following Early-stage venture investor at Race Capital1w • 1 week ago
Casey Lau and I are back in Hong Kong and would love to connect and spend quality time with NFT creators, builders, developers, collectors and investors next weekend =)

I miss Hong Kong so muchI look forward to hanging out with many of you:
Yat Siu of Animoca Brands
Ray Chan of 9GAG
- Stephen Fung of #DepartedApes
- TP of X2Y2
Vivien K. of #Web3Women
Rebecca Leung of #Blockbuster Labs
Casey Lau of #ThunderhouseWeb SummitRISE Conf

If you are building, investing or collecting NFTs, apply to attend:

#building #nft #investing #hongkong #startups #builders #creators #collectors #cryptopunks #ethereum #solana #erc721 #metaplex
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Jenny Metaverse DAO
Jacob Navok
CEO, Genvid. Previously 社長付 (President's Office) and Director of Business at Square Enix Holdings, reported to CEO.
Krista Kim
Co-founder    Mars House Louis Vuitton #Louis200 Vogue Singapore Metaverse Editor Superrare  Sotheby’s LACMA 
David Baszucki
Founder and CEO of Roblox. Greater good via Baszucki Group. Inventor. Engineer.

and casey
Opens profile photo
Casey Lau
Co-host of Co-founder
HKG/LAX/YVRcrispycomics.comJoined February 2010

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survey 1of child centric education

My dream: everyone experiences Harrison Owen OpenSpace After%20the%20Rage.pdf

IF SCHOOLS were child centric they would make age relevant interventions:

if anyone is illiterate at age 6 it only takes 90 days to change that - best of all a literate kid can be main helper in 20 minute session - see sunita gandhi

finacial literacy would be practicsed from age 8 - see aflatoun ( works in 100 countries

from age 10 pre-teens would have access to pfysical and mental health studies designed peer to peer -see Lancet

no kid would leave primary school without knowing how open space meetings/teamwork is facilitated

teachers would be celebrated for clarifying which skills involve experiential learning not classroom examination - while there is some recognition that music and sports involve practice, its shocking that coding isnt valued this way ..


Do you have life-changing moment to share? - what was it and what did you think or do differently after it?

example until 9/11, i assumed that (good) futures are happening somewhere in the world and would be searched out so that all could communally replicate them;  === 9/11 caused me to question whether global connectivity will give us time to find sustainable solutions for our kids- i became particulaly interested in places where good education leaps appeared but did not get app'd the world over - one example actually goes back to my favorite 1990s advances in schools that a small cliuster of new zealand schools pioneered - download it here https://oiipdf.com/download/the-learning-revolution

i welcome discussion of this book's parts at any time rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if you have a solution every community that develops youth could be cooperational

in 1984our book with economist editors 2025report made the case for 40 year commitment to every child identifying own skils dashboard and maximising AI curation of this- we valued this as sustainability critical worldwide cooperation - we see no logic for changing this concern

== we live in an age where most up to half of knowhow of techforgood changes every 3 years - we needed mindsets for exploration not for being standard examined; a nation that makes its college students its largest debt class is likely to collapse economically socially environmentally if web3 is designed for celebrating sustainability cooperation; and if web3 is not designed for neough yout to linkin the first sustainability generation then we are all heading the way of the dodo

I am learn to learn


TECH - What is IT? and which exponential multipliers most impact human and natural futures?

AI   >. silicon chip singularity (ie when one chip > one brain in pure analytical capacity) - science fictiion no moore

who programs the ai - the race to include lost voices eg girls- the world of statistics re=-examined like never before (eg previously mass statistics very weak at coding meaining from numbers)

Biotech  >> Affective science (loveq and emotional intelligence remains human's unique edge over artificials for at least 10 more years!)

Some people say that Virtual or Augmented Reality has advanced at its best so far in last 12 months that there are hardly any qualified teachers only pioneering explorers- does this matter - well its VR which is your gateway to web3 - intead of just a mobile device you will like wear  a visual sensor system; equally others argue that you shouldnt worry about how fast you put googles on - what you should want is to take back ownbership of what you spend time creating virually- look at the small print of the big platforms you probably dont own anything without them..maybe this is a generation issue bu interstingly the met-generation can now work on chnaging anything that old systems are destroying (eg climate) ...t 

 IOT which things will now have brains and be as mobile connected as you are

Crypto - can communities celebrate financiang their own most urgent sustainability cooperations? if they dont who wil?

Cyber >> Drone - opportunities and threats of public spaces- first in spaces like the arctic circle if we dont use drones we will get no warning before the big meltdown

-the mkist memorable western campus event i attended in 2010s was tufts colllaboratory summit convened mainly by arctic circle youth under 25; 

one of the main debates how to help teachers in arctic circle schools empower their students to use virtual reality to visit other arctic circles schools communities; many of the changes and solutions are analogous; I am reminded by educators leading the compilation of virtual realty libraries of the DICE acronym - a reen might want to do something dangerous like climb everest, why not VR simulate that? there are impossible things a trainee doctor will never be able to travel inside a humans gut but that can be VR'd; there are catastropghic simulations - you would rid the world of bees just to test if donald is wrong about nature being more powerful than he is, you can simulate it; or the future of smart tourism may be curation of what a community is proudest of being visited for - this way ecotourism, cultural appreciation exchanges can be twinned to maximise celebration of each other- and by the way friends of the tourist can join in virtually- of corse this raises a metaverse question - that Hong Kong is leading the world on

being 100% public - good and bad hacs- note context matters - context 1 smart city context 2 isolated vilalge no moore context 3 make a huge land safe at borders

3D printing aka additive engineering

Big Data Small by market tech sector Leapfrogging

Nano cf einstein - to innovate science model more micro


Downloads from MIT Innovations journal

Volume 2

Volume 1

downloads library 1: MIT innovations journal special issue youth economics opportunities

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