Switzerland, Herstory & Last Call for sustaining 7 wonders of human intel

7 wonders of human intel last call:

As societies leap beyond covid and enetr 33 yeras of webworld - can we design sustainability of youth into web 3 in ways that we failed to bridge at web2 web1 (from 1990) tele2 (from 1945), tele1 (from 1865), pre=tele and pre-engineer (before 1760 Glasgow)

Born 1951 as a London Scot i remember at age of 11 asking my dad why history as it was taught in Britain never reached the 20th century. It started with the Romans got to 1066 and all that, 1492 chris columbus sailed the blue, the o'level syllabus for 14 year olds pretty much stopped in early 1800s. Father had been home schooled in Britiish Embassies 1920s/30s until age 13 (Brit Embassy Stalin's Moscow) as my paternal grandad was responsible for collecting British Intel on the risks of Stalin and Hitler. He'd then served as teenage navigator allied bomber command world war 2.Surving world war 2, dad listened to Keynes last lessons on General Theory of how the world is futurised, and married the daughter of Sir Keneth Kemp who after 25 years of mediation with Gandhi in Bombay had just completed his last work- writing up legalese for India's Independence. 

Dad's summary explanation to 11tear-old me:  most history is bunk didn't help me as a school kid. Only later I realised he probably meant that  uch history has been written up to glorify the powerful especially westren men, and particularly in Britain a a country whose Empire mindset became a root cause of 2 world wars probably doesnt know how to examine  its children on a subject that needs exploring not fact accumulation. Such exploration should remapvoices of everyone previously omitted particulary lfemale, particularly the 80 plus per cent of humans who are not white by descent, particularly those who wre last to access tech advances. 

Its taken me quite a long time to realise that human intel has passed through 6 croosroads and is in 2022 arguably at the 7th which may determine species extinction or sustainbility.

Lets say that we are designing web3 now at a scale which accelerating even faster than human understanding ot sustainability conflict resolution

we know web 1 was actualised in 1990 when tim berners lee move from swirzweland alongsisde MIR's AI Lab in Boston. 

Web2 can be defined practucally speaking when masses of people made mobile not personal computer networks their main access device (and as a consequnce huge fata clouds trackable to every GPS were assembled and stargely owned by a handful of tech titans not the peoples.

Again Switzerland's UN tech experts at the ITU played a timely role in wondering was this going to be good. In 2002 (in part reflecting something was terribly wrong in 2001's woprld of 9/11 and anthrax wars) they started asking what is the purspoe of worldinformation society- turning this into an annual conference in 2005.

Switzerland was again appointed epicentre of the beginning of tele1 industries in 1865 - when starting with the telegram it was clear that communications around the world needed one standard - all emerging tele-iindustries can be said to lose their poimt if there is more than one standard.. The mid 19860s according to Delong is a very interesting time when middle class growth began compounding like never before - in advanced countries trains were scaling and cities being built, electricity was being invented, the ITU's telegram came first soon to be followed by telephone

WE can choose 1945 as the start of tele2 with the recogntion that somehow the tele1 area of human intel had faiked to prevent 2 world wars. Now  Gneva's IRU emerging from the elague of nations became the digital twin of the UN whose policy headquarters was donated by USA and New York. 

While we can say web3 or the metaverse or Decentralised Autononomus Organisation , Financing , and Regenerative economics are all massive scaling as humans leap forward from covid; the blockchain integirty of web 3 potential started up in Satoshi's 2008 paper as a way to prevent workd ever being subprimed again. And a yera after the UN in 2015 announced the last 15 yeras race to sustainability goals, educators at spet 2016 meeting decleared that they had never fuly learnt with Geneva's tech wizards (nor its health servants nor its world trade mapakers). Digital Cooperation was born- it then becamse under new UN leader Guterres Un2 (egov) roadmapping - with these 9 transformational pieces - with Geneva hubbing both global conmectivity tech learnikng curve from 1875 and what was now identified as the back from the future tech of AIforGood.


All of this can be traced to the Goats of mathematics with Neumann the most linked in - he of Budapest. Einstein of Munich. most of the Greats of maths having emigrated from the environs of switzerland and middle europe to escape Hitler. Over at Neumann.ning.com , we track the story of what happened from 1951 when neumann met my father at Princeton and asked The Economist to integrate the most valuable scoop ever - what goods witll peoples unite round with 100 times more tech per decade

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survey 1of child centric education

My dream: everyone experiences Harrison Owen OpenSpace After%20the%20Rage.pdf

IF SCHOOLS were child centric they would make age relevant interventions:

if anyone is illiterate at age 6 it only takes 90 days to change that - best of all a literate kid can be main helper in 20 minute session - see sunita gandhi

finacial literacy would be practicsed from age 8 - see aflatoun ( works in 100 countries

from age 10 pre-teens would have access to pfysical and mental health studies designed peer to peer -see Lancet

no kid would leave primary school without knowing how open space meetings/teamwork is facilitated

teachers would be celebrated for clarifying which skills involve experiential learning not classroom examination - while there is some recognition that music and sports involve practice, its shocking that coding isnt valued this way ..


Do you have life-changing moment to share? - what was it and what did you think or do differently after it?

example until 9/11, i assumed that (good) futures are happening somewhere in the world and would be searched out so that all could communally replicate them;  === 9/11 caused me to question whether global connectivity will give us time to find sustainable solutions for our kids- i became particulaly interested in places where good education leaps appeared but did not get app'd the world over - one example actually goes back to my favorite 1990s advances in schools that a small cliuster of new zealand schools pioneered - download it here https://oiipdf.com/download/the-learning-revolution

i welcome discussion of this book's parts at any time rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if you have a solution every community that develops youth could be cooperational

in 1984our book with economist editors 2025report made the case for 40 year commitment to every child identifying own skils dashboard and maximising AI curation of this- we valued this as sustainability critical worldwide cooperation - we see no logic for changing this concern

== we live in an age where most up to half of knowhow of techforgood changes every 3 years - we needed mindsets for exploration not for being standard examined; a nation that makes its college students its largest debt class is likely to collapse economically socially environmentally if web3 is designed for celebrating sustainability cooperation; and if web3 is not designed for neough yout to linkin the first sustainability generation then we are all heading the way of the dodo

I am learn to learn


TECH - What is IT? and which exponential multipliers most impact human and natural futures?

AI   >. silicon chip singularity (ie when one chip > one brain in pure analytical capacity) - science fictiion no moore

who programs the ai - the race to include lost voices eg girls- the world of statistics re=-examined like never before (eg previously mass statistics very weak at coding meaining from numbers)

Biotech  >> Affective science (loveq and emotional intelligence remains human's unique edge over artificials for at least 10 more years!)

Some people say that Virtual or Augmented Reality has advanced at its best so far in last 12 months that there are hardly any qualified teachers only pioneering explorers- does this matter - well its VR which is your gateway to web3 - intead of just a mobile device you will like wear  a visual sensor system; equally others argue that you shouldnt worry about how fast you put googles on - what you should want is to take back ownbership of what you spend time creating virually- look at the small print of the big platforms you probably dont own anything without them..maybe this is a generation issue bu interstingly the met-generation can now work on chnaging anything that old systems are destroying (eg climate) ...t 

 IOT which things will now have brains and be as mobile connected as you are

Crypto - can communities celebrate financiang their own most urgent sustainability cooperations? if they dont who wil?

Cyber >> Drone - opportunities and threats of public spaces- first in spaces like the arctic circle if we dont use drones we will get no warning before the big meltdown

-the mkist memorable western campus event i attended in 2010s was tufts colllaboratory summit convened mainly by arctic circle youth under 25; 

one of the main debates how to help teachers in arctic circle schools empower their students to use virtual reality to visit other arctic circles schools communities; many of the changes and solutions are analogous; I am reminded by educators leading the compilation of virtual realty libraries of the DICE acronym - a reen might want to do something dangerous like climb everest, why not VR simulate that? there are impossible things a trainee doctor will never be able to travel inside a humans gut but that can be VR'd; there are catastropghic simulations - you would rid the world of bees just to test if donald is wrong about nature being more powerful than he is, you can simulate it; or the future of smart tourism may be curation of what a community is proudest of being visited for - this way ecotourism, cultural appreciation exchanges can be twinned to maximise celebration of each other- and by the way friends of the tourist can join in virtually- of corse this raises a metaverse question - that Hong Kong is leading the world on

being 100% public - good and bad hacs- note context matters - context 1 smart city context 2 isolated vilalge no moore context 3 make a huge land safe at borders

3D printing aka additive engineering

Big Data Small by market tech sector Leapfrogging

Nano cf einstein - to innovate science model more micro


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