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Games 2020s Last Calling

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Chris Macrae

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our card game invites you to find 52 players to create jobs and sustain children everywhere-here's an example [pack inspired by a guy who navigated airplanes over modernday bangladesh in 1944- and help mediate end poverty and the first 4 decades of moores' 5G 4G 3G 2G 1G 0G from Euroepan Union Messina 1955 to Japan 1962 to in 1976 asking americans to share their 3rd centiry with the two out of three people who are asian and who were left out of the trading routes mapped by london and tokyo around eurasia until 1900 and which caused old world 2 wars that americans lovingly saved humanity form whom

1 JFKennedy - why has there only ever been one moon race (that is when you assign 10000 mainly young brains to app tech round one great goal for the human lot) - what has happened to finance and education and media so that 4 billion over 30s cant even help under 30s stage one moon race- can we change this before mother earth decades independence- bye bye humans you are the next dodo

2 gordon moore 5g to 0g and world forst tech hub 1972 siliconj valley to follow up moores laws promise 1965 and japan microelectronics clients largest ever chip order requiring the invention of programmable chip

3 olsen and start of america's greatest microengineers hub - strangely america only ever opened up one other space for all computer wizards (as opposed to a corprate town like seattle) in one other space - boston mit where the cod for the 1960s moon landing had been designed and whose alumn olsen took computers to the mini stage of evolution -we will return later to 1G consequences of this in the 1980s dawn of the age of personal computer webbing

4 back in the 1960s only one person to apply tv to common sense propagation of knowhow was david attenborough -see his 60 yeras and counting storytelling for natore of the bbc: recently blue ocean 2 told the stiry of fish suffocating on plastic which went vi9ral to activate 1 bikllion youth's consciusness and oct 2019 saw attenborough review each of 7 contients updates on species in crises 7 workds one planet

5 schwab was the only person to maintain world future summits from 1960s to 2020s - he helped connect wo0rld most purspoeful buunsienss men with genevas ot6her inter5ests in uniting nations - and tripled up his summiting in 2010s with summers out of china and recently at6 the UN general assembly

6 Larry brillaint: a young detroit medic first job sherpaing wavey gravey around the wo0rld testifies in mid 1960s how the people of te afghan hilss were as excited as anyhwre about aerica leading the moon -wavey were rechargingf their bateries with their favorite consciousness guru- brillaint stayed on in south sia to end the last case of smallpox and later to advocate risk maps in the role of's first ceo

7 japan empoeror and 8 prince charles - celebrate tokyo olympics 1964 fisrt satellite braodacst- charles asks akio morita to inward invest in wales (first nation in europe t0o host major japan inward investment) - the start of the 2 islands that end to end had trapppeed asians in poverty rolling back enetrperejusrhip for all linking

without the most brilliant decade of innovation after end of world war 2:

9 father of computing von neumann and 10 engineer extraoridary deming -there no lift off would have been possible for the games of the 1960s from moon race out of usa to staleite boradcasting of olympics to unprecdented innovations in engineering includinh bullet traoin container ship docking build supercities faster than an impeachment inquiry, microelectronics- eg the pocket calculatir preceding the personal machine intel devices of computer and mobile

11 lee kuan yew singapore via honk kong taiwan and south korea -fastfoward late 2010s and -lky also invited 10 asean nations to join him in co-ppromoting tghe 10 happiest cross-cultural neighbors the wprkld has yet seen

12 mahbubani who inherits lew kuan yews goal of smartest island hosting 6 billion people and was entrusted to move from being singapore di9plomat at UN to founding sinagpore school of public service - the first new university of that kiond

13 fast forward Ban ki-moon 2019-2020 if at first you dont succeed with a year of global climate adaptability moon races - try 3 time and ask girls to bank for you - just in case new yorkers and rest of usa dont want to celebrate 75th birthday of UN sept 2020 with the happiesntg news and youth action networking ever - i am ethics director of the tokyo-beijing-oaris olympics starting summer 2020 and rotterdam are hosting the solutions presentation of in october with chief fans including bill gates and the bank a billion women who have just relaunched brac university

14 its hard to rival sir fazle abed learning curve through 1960-2030 - having gone from tye place now called bangaldesh to glasgow university as a teenager ti stu8dy ship engineering he spent his 1960s changing from ceo of shell oil in east pakistan to bottom up disaster relief corrodinati9rs- in the 1970s in partnership withy vilage gorls of south china bangaldesh gorls designed the finace and training fior their own village elath service (special thanks jams grant unicer and frood security specfial thanks borlaug)

15 borlaug 16 james grant

by 1980s previously iliterate others wanted to tiurn themselves into enough vilage etachers to school every gi9rl and boy in bangaldesh with both lieteracy and livelihood schools- 40 years on -there are about 12 different youth schools of a world class loving kind that folowers of fazle abed have started up as well as adult traiining fir every kind of microfranchsie vilagers need to sustain a rural economy

17 montesorri (18 gandhi later 19 mandela) 20 paulo freire whose 1960s revitalised latin americans demand for francsican model of public service (something sadly their lands did not stage by bangaldesh and chyiense vilage girls adopted)

21 back in the future of 1990s bangaldesh was the firts poor nation to experiment with mobiles in the vilages (thats places with no electricity grids also needing solar top recharge the mobile )- while thsie experumemts went on fazle abed ensured vailge girls built nation leading positions in banking agriculture (including polutr5y and dairy) and got ready to start 2000 with a search for how to becoe the world laresgt ngoi partnership and start up a new universioty

22 quadirs (mit again) 23 dubai and legatum

24 bill gates (who we will see earler in 1980 as the language innovator of pc's) and 25 jack ma who before hos first ttrip- to usa seatlle 1995 when

26 bezos conceive amazon has spent his tens and 20s teaching 1000 youth english to be toursit guides for his home town which thanfully marco pol had been mayor of back in the 1200s when the silk road was the greatest ever continet-wide trading route

see to assemble the enetrepreneurial magic threads of how in the 2000s brac begain ist search for global parters as welling as establishing international office out of netherlands so that it could design the elast coastly rtemkittaces for bangladesh's abroad ( in gterms of foreign currency about a third earjed by bangaldesh coems from remikttances- typically young bangladeseshis are the buildijg laborers of many of asian superciteis)

the late 2000s became the optima time for brca to welcome every digital wizard who wanted to join in banking (now called network) for billion poorest a project that was to take 7 years 2008-2015 for bangaldesh to becomke the epicdentre of mixing in best ftrom everywhere else eg kenya mpesa lead designer , mit , dubai bill gates jack ma

27 yidan hong kong tencent foundation and lof cousre pony ma 28

beacse western govs greedy spectrum auction have endbted carries there would be no 5g in timje to save sdg newtorks if it werent for

29 noridia

30 ren zhengfei

which brings us to looking for communiies' wisest safe space connectors in 2019 when ban ki=moon relaunched brac university as girls favorie solutions space for global climate adaptability and hong kong awarded fazle abed the tidan prize of ten cent foundationn

if we look forward hong kong's future as in its past is among the tgop islands to entrepreneurially chnage the world for the better - fortuanately hong kongs richest man

31 li ka-shing was one of the first bilanthripists into pplant new uniersity brannces

the greatest of all global sholarships movememts is

32 schwarztman - whilst it will soon linkin ai from MIT and eithics on oxford it was co-conceived by then tsinghua chancellor now beijing mayor

33 chen jinine who can also carry the olympics relay forward from

tokyo mayor 34

to paris mayor 35

america's only supercity mayor to love youth technoolgists is 36 bloomberg- whatever hapens to his candiditure- his new economic fourns ate the only ones that clould live up to 260 byears of why glasgow university students and teachers of 1760s

36 adam smith future f economies

37 James Watt are blevoed by disapora sco0ts wherever ye go

including the erly commonweslth mediators

38 james wilsom and 39 walter bagehot and 40 their english alumni maynard keynes

so this connects us nicely to how the other empoire japan now benchmarks the elading ai investors experiments around

40 Masa Son

with 12 more to id

from the 80s add in 41 jobs (whise gratest moment came at end of 3g decade with teh first smart mobile) 42 berners lee (who moved the greatest open source tech from switzeralnd of 1989 to mi9t) and 43 btorvaulds and 44 case

add in 45 jerry yang who saw clounds coming and made sur5e stanfiord tokyo and china had a bridge before the storms came


46 brin whos enwtork google collected big dgata befpte people understood that was a cosequence of being at the crosroads of every human search

it doesnt matter too mu8ch t6o us which founder of 47 uber 48 wework and 49airbnb mnodels you choose as long as yu see how tehse shared economic models (understanding of clouds and turning bug data into partners openational platforms) will need sharing across any city in top 20 supercity league

50 kai fu-lee once ai at google went on to help test why every supercity needs one or more of its unibgversities to start an avenue of a entrep[reneurs at its gate - wnhilst mit was the firsty univesrity to make a square mile of head offices of the future simple to visit- its in quite a race when you compare what youth acn AI when ansed to regenerate a suoercity and mother earths goals simultansously

which leaves2 worldrecird jobs knowhow networker (alumni maps) to find

of course we welcome votes for substitutions

sustainabiklity only comes to thise who love localities as much as there purpose helps ap a global advance for the human lot in lime with sdgs


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survey 100 collaboration leaders of 2010s= youth's most productive generation

TECH - What is IT? and which exponential multipliers most impact human and natural futures?

AI   >. silicon chip singularity (ie when one chip > one brain in pure analytical capacity) - science fictiion no moore

who programs the ai - the race to include lost6 voices eg girls- the world of statistics re=-examined like never before (eg previously mass statistics very weak at coding meaining from numbers)

Biotech  >> Affective science (loveq and emotional intelligence remains human's unique edge over artificials for at least 10 more years!)

G5 nothing is too big to share universally>>> IOT which things will now have brains and be as mobile connectyed as you are

Cyber >> Drone - opportunities and threats of public spaces being 100% public - good and bad hacs- note context matters - context 1 smart city context 2 isolated vilalge no moore context 3 make a huge land safe at borders

3D printing aka additive engineering

Big Data Small by market tech sector Leapfrogging

Nano cf einstein - to innovate science model more micro



connections with top 10 worldrecordjobs creators - twitter @obamaiuni list hackhikers

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Connections sir fazle abed family, ying lowrey, Taddy Blecher, Billy, Hiro, Harrison Owen Dr Ranga & Prita (Amma) Jayfus King Rev Al Marinez Lee, Fady, Ian Ryder, John Caswell, Jeff Devlin, Sherry Tross, Camilo, Luis VIguria, gordon dryden. tania zaman

Yuxuan, Emily, Filmographer of Child Arts Olympiads 


new connections

Ed Resor NY worldpossible

Daniel Lu

Dawn Li and her chiense media friend in DC

Cheng Li (c100), brookings biographer of xi jinping

in qatar wise Stavros; in dubai networkers of million dolar teacher prize

Founder of 2000 chapters of students for liberty now headhunted by john mackey of conscious capitalism

monica yunus and co-founder of - new yorks largest community arts program, main chinese spoinsor fosun shanghai

more to come


critical events

jack ma trains 1000 american detroit may 2017 ; wise co-creativity

What are the most exciting apps and mobile leapfrog partnerships you have ever seen  rsvp

Bkash built on learning curve of Mpesa last m,ile banking

Give Directly built on millennials local research of which communities already have micfrofranchise solution worthy of conditional cash transfer


 join our co-editors at if you wish to celebrate sustainability goals empowered by youthful community builders

download practice of peace chaps 1,2 by harrison owen found open space 

the greatest millennial exchanges pro-youth future capitals eg NY Beijing can develop win-win social world trades around

the village phone network that started with the learning curve of partners of grameen phone, MIT legatum, telenor, george sorois and women4empoiwerment

ihub African youth's centre of gravity in worldwide hackathon and ushhidi open source coders

partners in health learning exhcnage networks including world class teaching hospitals in haiti and soon rwanda and opening of world bank year 2015-2016 in Peru epicentre of Preferential Option Poor community and Franciscan faith networks

solar a billion a model that links hand in hand with mobile village phone networks for poorest

greatest missed opportunity to date 17 parallel khan academies slowly built on demand by 17 most trusted goals-exponential modeling economists and youth Experiential Learning networks

First 4 doublings of global commns tech age

China Joy

Worldwide Joy



Japan starts up far east rising



S Korea joins in eastern development



ChinaDiaspora:East's Superports -HK, Taiwan, Singapore...



Continental agrarian keynsianism

Diaspora 3rd richest;

Moon landing

intel starts up 68 moores-law doubling of chip capacity every 2 years

Satellite age lifts off

If societies around the globe are spending 4000 times more on global village connections (#2030now versus 1946) then it stands to reason that sustainable millennials will need to demand 10 times more value from community networking and mobile open source services such as health education local value chained markets/banks, energy, safety and peace


AMYgeneratoinS.jpgHack Coursera Sgoal 1  2  3 ..

Hackathons at IHUB

Hack with world bank kim




rsvp if you have good news on a food chain - examples our collaboration entrepreneurs are actively searching include rice, mung beans, coffee, (green) tea, cashews, peas ,,,, aquaponics . 


note 1984 system transformation finding: the most valuable innovations need to transform systems by taking many parties through a common conflict barrier at the same time

join above zero-sum value chain model innovators at

Brits and Eastern Europeans who could save millennials goals

dannyboyle chrispatten butler-sloss marianowak tomhunter georgesoros bernerslee michael palin gorbachev, Lech Walesa

Asians who could : sir fazle abed, jim kiim, jack ma,  W4E, Gandhi family Lucknow

Africans who could: Taddy Blecher, Noel Samara, Mandela Elders

Mid-East who could: Latif, Legatum

from please help in 2 ways -nomination of collaboration 100; testify to world's largest public broadcasters such as BBC that this survey needs their mediation now

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